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Dong Do Pharma – Teambuilding “Together Success”

Dong Do Pharmaceutical Company has cooperated with goodwill company to organize the teambuilding program for all over 50 employees of Dong Do Pharma family with the theme of ” Dong Do Pharma 2012 – Together Success “on 25/02/2012 at the Hilton Hotel, Hanoi.

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This is the third time that goodwill has been honored with the credibility of Dong Do Pharma. The program started with lecture by goodwill teacher on mind in Dong Do house. On keeping a clean mind in the pharmaceutical industry, about unanimity, together for the success of the Dong Do Pharma Family..

Members discussed the topics the lecturer was very passionate about and put it into practice in Dong Do Pharma’s behavioral culture. 51 members are divided into 3 teams to participate in teambuilding activities extremely impressive and highly challenging need a spirit of solidarity, coordination between the team members and the group together for one item Common sense

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