Digestive Disease


Composition: each a sachet of 2 gram contains 8 probiotics with the total cell count ≥ 2,5 x 10(9) cfu/g, including Bifidobacterium bifidum W23; Bifidobacterium lactis W52 ; Lactobacillus acidophilus


Composition Glucosamine 666 mg, Malic acid 666 mg, Glycyrrhizinic acid 33 mg, Zinc sulphate 5 mg, Arginine 666 mg; Glycine 333 mg; Vitamin C 20 mg; Calcium pantothenate 2mg, Vitamin B6 0,6 mg ; folic


Package: 10 sachets/box; 4g/sachet. Composition: Each sachet contains IgY antibody from Egg yolk powder (OvalgenHP): 1g, Excipients: 3g. Net weight: 40 g/box Indication: Helps strengthen the

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