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Package: 5 blisters/box  x 12 lozenges

Composition: Each lozenge contains IgY antibody from egg yolk powder: 12mg (Ovalgen DC and Ovalgen PG), xylitol: 210mg.

Other carriers (228mg): palatinit, maltitol, cellulose powder, calcium stearate, orange flavor.

Usage: Help prevent diseases relate to teeth and gum. Strengthen teeth and gum. Combine in treating and after treating gingivitis, tooth decay.

Subject to use: Adults and children with problems of teeth and gum.

How to use: dissolve slowly 1 lozenge at a time in mouth and avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 min after use.

  • 4-6 lozenges /day divided 3 timesfor 30 days or symtoms are released

For preventing caries, gingivitis/periodontitis, bad odor due to oral diseases: consume 1 lozenge before bed time and 1 lozenge after breakfast

Dosage and administration: dissolve slowly 1 lozenge at a time in mouth, 4 times per day.


  • People having allergy to chicken egg or any ingredient in the product should not use.
  • This product is not medicine and not intended to cure diseases.
  • Ask health care professionals for advice if symptoms appear or persis
  • Keep out of reach of children. Read carefully the instruction before use.

Storage: Store below 30oC in a dry place.

Shelf-life: 24 months. Manufacturing date and Expiry date are on the box

Manufacturered by: EW Nutrition Japan K.K.

Address: 839-7 Sano, Gifu-city 501-1101, Japan

Tel: (81) 58-235-7303   Fax: (81) 58-235-7505

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